NAFB News Service

Connecting the agriculture industry with 3.1 million U.S. farmers and ranchers everyday. NAFB member programming can be heard on more than 1,300 stations nationwide everyday. Farm broadcasters report on agriculture news, weather, commodity market updates and more, many of the stories aired are from the daily NAFB News Service feed. All NAFB Broadcast Council members have access to the NAFB News Service.

The NAFB News Service is a combination of PRNewswire and Associated Press for rural America. It’s a combination of member provided content and news stories from industry partners. We work with leading agriculture companies, member associations, government agencies and more to provide broadcast ready news stories for use in daily broadcasts. It’s a great to way for associations to connect with members, organizations looking to enhance grass-roots communications efforts and companies educating farmers and ranchers on new products and services available. 

Measuring Value

For a one-time fee per release, your  news or audio news releases, will be distributed to all NAFB Broadcast Council members. The News Service allows you to pay one fee to reach the nationwide audience compared to paying several fee’s for each station the audio is aired on. Audio news release production is provided, but you many also submit your own produced content for News Service distribution. While usage of stories varies, we provide an usage report detailing audio downloads by NAFB member and the coverage area. A daily email is sent to all NAFB Broadcast Council members highlighting new stories added to the NAFB News Service during the day. 


  • $750 per release for NAFB members.
  • $700 per release for annual contracts of 12 or more releases.
  • Additional packages beyond 24 releases per year are available. 
  • Further promote your audio release with a banner ad in the daily News Service Notes email. 

Simple Process

Contact the News Service at The Editor will interview your spokesperson, pull three to four audio soundbites and write a suggested script, forming the audio news release. Final audio releases will be sent for approval. An usage/download report will be sent a week following the posting of the audio release.

NAFB News Service Examples

MachineryLink Audio Wrap
National Corn Growers Association Wrap