NAFB is pleased to post open positions for member stations and networks as well as positions available for our member entities as a free service to our members. Internships also may be listed here. Listings remain posted for one month unless requested otherwise.

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The Nebraska Rural Radio Association
Part-Time Studio Production Assistant
Posted August 1, 2021

Account Executive
Posted July 21, 2021

On-Air Host
Posted July 20, 2021

Eagle Communications
Business Manager
Posted July 12, 2021

Radio Oklahoma Ag Network
Full Time Broadcaster/Writer
Posted June 18, 2021

Eagle Communications
Administrative Assistant
Posted June 17, 2021

AMI Radio Group
Ag Director
Posted June 4, 2021

KQLX and Ag Central Radio Network
Account Executive
Posted May 24, 2021

Agricultural Meteorologist
Posted April 30, 2021