NAFB Oral Histories

     Former NAFB Historian Dix Harper led the effort to collect dozens of oral histories from NAFB members in the early 1990s. You may notice that some audio is missing, as all audio was transferred from cassette tape to MP3 files.

     The following is a collection of audio from this project he called “NAFB Oral Histories.”


Bill Alford


Barney Arnold


George Atkins


John Baker


Roy Battles

Layne Beaty

George Biggar


Milt Bliss


Royce Bodiford


Bob Brown


Taylor Brown


Bob Buice


Conrad Burns


Bob Burtenshaw


Colleen Callahan


Murray Cox


Jack Crowner


Dink Embry


Kendal Frazier


Mal Hansen


Dix Harper


Ron Hays


Al Heinz


Johnnie Hood


Rich Hull


Bert Hutchison


Ed Johnson


Lynn Ketelsen


Larry Kirk


Keith Kirkpatrick


Lee Kline


Ray Kremer


Don Lerch


Wayne Liles


George Logan


Bill Mason


Dallas McGinnis


Bill McReynolds


George Menard


Carl Meyerdirk


Charlie Might


Bob Miller


Cliff Mitchell


Harry Modlin


Bob Nance


Eric Parsons


Roddy Peeples


Arnold Peterson


Russell Pierson


Paul Pippert


Herb Plambeck


Larrry Quinn


Charlie Rankin


Nelson Robinson


Ken Root


Orion Samuelson


Earl Sargent


Henry Schacht


Art Sechrest


Verne Sheppard


Wey Simpson


Evan Slack


Jack Towers


Mark Vail


Ray Wilkinson


Gene Williams


Jim Yancey