September Marketing Update & AMR Research

The 2014 Ag Media Research (AMR) Study provides great insight into farmer radio listening habits. We learned through the study that Radio is an important part of their day, and just not a once a week or once a month interaction – 89 percent of the producers surveyed are listening to Radio on a daily basis. We also found producers listen multiple times a day,and growers under the age of 45 tuned in more times a day than those 65 plus.  








In addition to the 2014 AMR Corn Belt Study – the NAFB Board of Directors approved the largest research funding in the history of the association by commissioning two additional research projects. The selection of the research firms were reviewed by the Marketing and Promotion Advisory Board, and the NAFB Board of Directors.

The first project, was award to Ipsos Forward Research, and it will wrap up this fall. We anticipate presenting the findings from the online producer survey during the Marketing and Promotion Advisory Board Meeting at convention. We are focusing our research on farmers with at least a $100,000 gross farm income or more. The advisory board meeting will be held Wednesday, November 12 from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

The second research project was awarded to Millennium Research. This project is a year-long research project focused on connecting with producers at different time periods in the year; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. We will be studying producers listening habits outside of planting and harvest, their relationship with their local farm broadcaster, and measure value of ag content and programming to farmers. The research will be conducted using multiple methods; including initial qualitative research, quantitative telephone surveys conducted in waves, quantitative daily radio diary, and a mobile interactive platform to capture real time radio use. The Millennium project is kicking off this fall, and the wave studies will start during the Winter of 2015.