Airing on the Side of Agriculture

FINDING NEW VOICES FOR TELLING THE AGRICULTURE STORY…is a key benefit of the NAFB Foundation’s scholarship and internship programs. Bill Holst (WNAX, Yankton, SD), Chair of NAFB’s Marketing & Promotion Advisory Board, said, “Personally, I feel a real calling to help bright young people realize there is truly an exciting future in our industry.” He believes that leaders at all levels need to mentor their replacements and continually change, while staying true to their morals and personal missions. He is committed to championing young staffers while encouraging them to identify their dreams, build their purpose and establish a written plan for themselves personally and professionally. Bill says that “helping others reach their objectives always results in our own personal growth.” He shared his personal experience in working with Gina Olsen, an intern at WNAX and the 2013 winner of the George Logan Scholarship. Bill characterizes her as “truly a self-starter, a required quality” and very much “old school” in her personal and professional ethics. “Personally, she is extremely bright and quick on the ‘up take,’ and her passion for the industry is extremely difficult to find.”