February President's Update

“Well, if you’ll look on our website, you’ll find all the details right there.” That’s how our executive director gracefully explained to me that if I took the time to explore NAFB.com, all I needed to know was right at my fingertips. He was right. 

Have you done that lately? Have you really looked around on our site? Other than seeking the contact information for other members or utilizing the outstanding resources and feeds of our News Service, have you taken a dive down into what else is there? I hope you will.

As a member, you are entitled to see the various committees of NAFB, the financial information of your organization and the bylaws and policies that govern the work of NAFB. Further, you will find there various file formats for our logo, as well as the guidelines for use of our logo. 

Drop in and explore. There is a very good chance you will learn something you did not know and perhaps you will find a resource you never knew was available. 

By the way, get placed on your calendar right now the dates for our NAFB events this year (also on the website) and especially Washington Watch, rapidly approaching, May 1-3. Seasoned veterans Ron Hays and Mike Hergert, along with National Vice President Lorrie Boyer and board members Sabrina Hill and Spencer Chase, all serving on our committee, will put together a dynamite program. With all that is happening in Washington, you won’t want to miss this tremendous opportunity for news coverage and for building your news sources in the new Washington landscape.

Meanwhile, we have other events on the calendar such as Commodity Classic, the National Ag Day observance or the NAMA Agri-Marketing Conference. Our members are always quite visible at all of these places…and many more. I look forward to seeing you somewhere out there!

Max Armstrong
2017 NAFB President