Halvorson Publishes First Book

Sabrina Halvorson, an NAFB Broadcast Council member, recently published her first book, a novel titled “Sins of the Father.” Halvorson has been a news professional for more than 30 years and has been actively involved with NAFB since she became a member 10 years ago.

Halvorson’s background is in journalism, rather than agriculture. She has spent many years in larger markets in California, where she began working in newspaper then in radio and television.

“Ten years ago, I was brought on at AgNet West and switched from reporting on things like major crimes, political happenings, and world events to reporting on the wide world of agriculture. I’m now the national correspondent for AgNet Media, which owns AgNet West and Southeast AgNet. It turns out, while being a farm broadcaster, I still report on political happenings, world events, and even occasionally major crimes,” Halvorson said.

Although Halvorson’s career was already established when she became a NAFB member, the organization has given her some of her dearest friends as well as the opportunity to mentor others who are just starting their careers.

“I like helping new generations find themselves in our industry. During my time in NAFB, I’ve been elected to the Board of Directors three times, and that has given me a new understanding of service. I was also in the inaugural Leadership NAFB group, which was life-changing for me, not only because of what we learned but because of the amazing friendships that came from it,” Halvorson said.

When she’s not reporting, traveling, serving in a leadership role, or working in another one of her many capacities, Halvorson is writing fiction novels. Her first novel, “Sins of the Father,” is a psychological thriller with paranormal elements that explores theories of life after death and the depths some people will sink to as they try to prove these theories.

“I’ve been asked many times what inspired me to write this story, and it’s a difficult question to answer. It started with the simple thought of ‘What would happen if…’. From there it evolved into me learning about Einstein’s theories of quantum physics and how they relate to some metaphysical theories,” Halvorson said.

To learn more about Halvorson’s book, visit her website at www.sabrinahalvorson.com.