March President's Update

Max Armstrong, 2017 NAFB President

Have you been to Washington lately? Some of you routinely travel there, especially to accompany farm organizations on their D.C. visits this time of year. And I have found those trips to be good experiences in that they can bring you closer to your farmers and to lawmakers in Washington. With a Farm Bill to be written a few months down the road, there are a lot of views being shared, and that means a lot of news for your broadcasts.

Of course, things are so different now in Washington D.C. When Washington Watch is held in just a few weeks we will see those new faces. It will be a time to get acquainted with the folks who will be in charge at the U.S.D.A. for the next four years. With their views and agendas being so different from their predecessors, you will find plenty of news to share with your farm audiences. 

Some of you, and your management, may be concerned about the cost of attending Washington Watch. Yes, Washington is an expensive city. Having been there twice already this year I am reminded of the high price of the hotel rooms. And that is precisely why NAFB has stepped in with a meaningful subsidy of the room rate for Washington Watch. The rate is being brought down by your association to $139.00 per night, including taxes. You would be hard-pressed to ever book a room in the District at this rate, especially during this busy lobbying season. Washington Watch Registration Link

The deadline for the room reservation is rapidly approaching on March 31. And I might add that though our meeting will conclude by mid-afternoon Wednesday, May 3, you may book your room reservation through May 4 at the lower NAFB subsidized rate. That would allow for other visits on Capitol Hill or permit some time for sightseeing. Like myself, you may have always been scurrying to the airport as meetings concluded there and never took enough time to see some sights. So, get your reservation in today. It will be great to hang out with you in Washington!