NAFB Historian's Report

Historian's Report
Mike Adams
70 years ago the National Association of Radio Farm Directors, like the rest of the country, was focused on the war effort. As the calendar turned to 1945 many NARFD members were in the service while others had undertaken War Bond and other war related efforts. President Larry Haeg was farming as well as broadcasting and Secretary Herb Plambeck became a war correspondent. Most members had doubled up on radio and war responsibilities. Travel was discouraged and only emergency meetings were held. Consequently the organization's second annual meeting planned for May was cancelled and officers and committee members chosen the previous year were held over until the group could meet again. However membership continued to keep an interest in the new organization and George Round, University of Nebraska and editor of the NARFD version of CHATS, issued newsletters several times during the first half of the year. 1945 would mark the end of World War II and the beginning of the new farm broadcasters organization that had been created the previous year.