NAFB News Service Editor Receives Beneficial Certification

Micheal Clements, news service editor for NAFB, recently received his non-profit management certification.

Clements graduated from Northwest Missouri State University in 2010, and he started a career in radio in St. Joseph, Missouri. He came to work for NAFB in 2015. He manages the news service provided by NAFB, and he also creates the content, assists with sponsorships, tracks the budget, and supervises freelance employees for the department.

He pursued the non-profit management certification online through the University of Missouri.

“It takes about a year to complete,” Clements said. “It immerses you into the specific classes that really focus on those important non-profit management skills.”

Clements said the certification strengthens his professional skills and brings something new to the table for NAFB as a professional association.

“It focuses on skills such as human resources, managing volunteers, budgeting, and some key performance indicators to help measure the success of a non-profit,” Clements added. “It solidifies I have the knowledge of how to manage non-profit programming, and it shows NAFB is prepared and able to assist our membership with their professional needs.”

The non-profit management certification courses really come down to one invaluable lesson, says Clements.

“It all boils down to having the best interest of the organization and the members at heart and doing your best to serve them in the best way possible,” Clements said.