Neil Trobak Honored for Radio Career

ABOUT HIS 57-YEAR RADIO CAREER…Neil Trobak (KCIM-KKRL-KIKD, Carroll Broadcasting, Carroll, IA) said, “I wouldn’t have wanted to do anything else.  It was fun!”  Neil officially retired on June 2 and was honored by about 150 of his station colleagues and local listeners on June 20. General Manager Kim Hackett (Carroll Broadcasting) said Neil “started as a youngster on KCIM-AM as announcer, then went into sports broadcasting, farm director, general manager and a little sales…you name it, Neil did it.” Kim said, “The Collison family would like to thank Neil for all he has done for us here at Carroll Broadcasting Company throughout his many years of employment. Neil will not only be missed by us…but all of his loyal listeners and local area farmers. Best wishes on your ‘early’ retirement Neil!”

One thing Neil noticed immediately is that his two-week paychecks, which he’d grown so accustomed to all these years, stopped. He admits, “It was kind of hard to walk out the door.” Neil grew up on a farm near Crooks, SD, and served in the Marine Corps for two years before going to radio announcing school in Minnesota. He started in 1957 as a radio announcer earning $70 per week. From the very beginning, he was a farm broadcaster for at least part of his duties that later included 10 years as station manager. Even then, he did not give up farm broadcasting. One day out of his long career that Neil singled out was the day his computer arrived. It made a “marked change” in his broadcasting career. What will he do in retirement? 

Neil said he plans to have coffee with the “guys” in the mornings where he can “get the real news.” His early work hours for so many years conflicted with this opportunity.