November Marketing & Promotion Update

During the Marketing and Promotion meeting at Convention, we presented the first round of findings from the Ipsos  research. This research was conducted via email survey, September 5015, 2014. The research was a nation-wide survey with 529 respondents, with at least $100,000 Gross Farm Income in 2013, 85 percent of those who responded reported GFI of $250,000 or more.

The research included both aided and unaided question focusing on seasonality of farm news/radio use, daily radio listening habits, tasks performed while listening to radio, broadcaster and programming recall. We asked the respondents to recall the programs/broadcasters they listened to in the last six months, on average they were able to recall 2.3 programs either by name or by broadcaster. The final report will be available late December for all members.

Below is a one of the great data points that come out the research  – Daily Radio Listening by Season. In all four seasons, radio listening peaks in the morning, and lunch, and drops off by dinner.