Schmacher Celebrates 26 Years of Service with KTRS

David Schumacher, farm broadcaster for KTRS (St. Louis, Missouri), began his career working for the St. Louis National Stockyards. At the start of his career, he was one of the youngest licensed livestock buyers in the country. He later became a commission man and auctioneer at the stockyards.

Pivoting his career to be a farm broadcaster was not in Schumacher’s original plans, but he said when the newly formed St. Louis radio station contacted him to be their “farm guy,” he accepted.

“Working at the stockyards gave me the experience I needed to be comfortable with being on the radio. I was never mic-shy, so it was an easy transition into learning farm broadcasting,” Schumacher said.

With his agriculture and public speaking background, farm broadcasting came naturally to Schumacher. He said the only thing he really had to learn was the intricacies of hosting a radio show, like knowing what not to say at the wrong times.

He said that the farm broadcasting community has always been welcoming and willing to teach newcomers how to become successful in their role.

“There’s not a lot of competition in the broadcasting industry. We’re a tight-knit community and we’re all working together to share the common mission of agriculture,” Schumacher added.

Schumacher is the longest standing employee of KTRS, and the only one still there who was a part of the original staff. He said the station is unique, because roughly 50% of its listeners are not involved in the agriculture industry.

“I’m able to bring the message of agriculture to individuals who may have never experienced rural life,” Schumacher concluded.

While it was not in his original career plans, it is evident Schumacher found his natural fit in the world of farm broadcasting.