Summer Board Meeting Photos

A few photos from the summer board meeting, July 23-25 in Salinas, California. In addition to the summer meeting, the board also had the opportunity to travel around the Salinas Valley learning about area farming practices, crops and issues affecting California farmers. Prior to the tour, NAFB hosted an Agribusiness Luncheon where we had the opportunity to hear from three California county ag commissioners and the state FSA director, and meet with business leaders in the area. The luncheon and tour were planned by the AgNet West team of Gary Cooper, Sabrina Hill and Taylor Hillman. The board had the opportunity to visit an artichoke farm, winery, an agricultural education center and a local farming business, nursery and to meet with several Salinas FFA students. 


Great speakers during the Luncheon.

West Region VP, Jody Heemstra interviews Fresno
County Ag Commissioner, Les Wright.

South Region VP, Tony St. James interviews Harry Ferdon
with Soilmoisture Equipment Corp.

NAFB Vice-President, Brian Winnekins interviewing Tulare County Ag
Commissioner, Marylin Kinoshita.

NAFB President, Janet Adkison setting up
for an interview during a tour stop.

Fresh California strawberries.

Board members interview the California 
Artichoke Advisory Board Manager,  
Ms. Patricia Hopper in an artichoke field.


NAFB Agribusiness Luncheon