Update From Chase Adams, AIC Representative

Chase AdamsWelcome and thank you for all the great feedback on the AIC newsletter. I am not sure if there is a more dynamic or engaged council in NAFB than the AIC. I had the opportunity to visit with many during Washington Watch at the beginning of May.

The Board met prior to Washington Watch and discussed a number of topics, many we will revisit at our summer meeting in Salinas, California. Of particular interest, we are continuing to work to find new ways to greater engage the AIC members in the organization and operation of NAFB, more to come. We also are looking at ideas to reinvigorate Washington Watch.

Additionally, the Board continues to consider the purchase of our current rental property in Platte City. This has been a major goal for Tom Brand and his team. I think it’s fair to say that while there are reservations, the NAFB cannot make a wrong decision here. There are definite pros and cons, but the fact that we are considering it shows both the financial strength of your association and the Board’s commitment to the members.

We continue to work closely with the Management and Sales council, the Marketing and Promotion committee and the staff to ensure the NAFB Planner continues to improve based on feedback from you. This tool has the potential to drive ad dollars to NAFB member stations and networks. We need your feedback to ensure it reaches its full potential. I know both the staff and Lance Knudson, our M&P chair, value your advice and have already made moves to incorporate what they heard at NAMA and what they’re hearing as they visit with agencies and of course broadcasters. Now is the time, make plans to join us in Kansas City this November!