Weekend Radio Program Launched

Ty Higgins with Ohio Ag Net, recently launched a new weekend program connecting farmers to consumers with country music. Farm & Country Radio is currently airing on country stations from Tennessee to Iowa. Ty’s uncle, Scott, the CEO of The American Dairy Association Mideast, opened the door for him to start his radio journey right out of high school, by introducing him to farm broadcaster and former NAFB President Joe Cornely. “My career began in farm broadcasting, shifted to country radio for 15 years at WHOK in Columbus, OH, and now I have returned to my roots,” Higgins said. “I thought Farm & Country would be a great way to fully utilize my experience with both country music and the country life.” Guests on Farm & Country, highlighted as “Featured Farmers”, have included producers from all across the country and some that have made an impact nationally as a voice for the industry. “Derek Klingenberg was on the show shortly after he played his trombone for his cows, and I had no idea where that conversation was headed, but it was a good one,” Ty said. “I have also had farm broadcaster Max Armstrong, country music group The Henningsens and the National Sheriff of the Year, John Lenhart, who happens to be a farmer, on the show, too.” Higgins sees Farm & Country as another tool to bridge the gap between those who grow the food and those who eat it. “As much as each farm story differs, the one common goal that all of my guests and myself have is to reach out to consumers and share all of the good news American Agriculture has to offer,” Higgins said. Passion is what has fueled Ty’s career, and his in-depth knowledge of agriculture and his familiarity and love of country music – paired with his reverence for the people behind both fields – give Farm & Country a foundation to build upon for many years to come. “As we learned in Kansas City last month, there is a need and a want for weekend agricultural programming,” Ty said. “This gives country stations nationwide an opportunity to expand their programming without going too far from their weekend music format.” Learn more about Farm & Country Radio at www.FarmAndCountryRadio.com or send a note to Ty if you would like more information at Ty@FarmAndCountryRadio.com.