WSGW Presents Homemaker of the Year at the Saginaw County Fair

Michigan Sugar Queen Isabella Krolikowski 
is shown with Kimberly Drews, Saginaw
County Homemaker of the Year (right), and 
Amy Hamilton, first runner-up (left).

Terry Henne
Terry Henne, WSGW,
Saginaw, MI

Terry Henne (WSGW, Saginaw, MI) awarded "Homemaker of the Year" awards at the Saginaw County Fair on July 29. The contest is sponsored by WSGW Radio and Michigan Sugar Company. The Homemaker of the Year will go to the Michigan state finals next June. “Incidentally, the last two winners have gone to the state contest and won,” Terry said. 

After a late planting start, Michigan farmers have faced cooler-than-average temperatures and above-average rainfall. Base 50 growing degree days are approximately 4 percent behind the average as July ended.  “In the Saginaw area, we have had one 90-degree day and 20 days of 75 degrees or colder. Temperatures during the last few days of July have been reminiscent of the first 10 days of September in an average year, he added. “We need heat to bring the crops in for a normal harvest this fall.”

Beginning in September 1971, Terry produced the "Farm Show" on WSGW 790AM in Saginaw, MI. He assumed on-air duties of Farm Service 790 in August 1975, making his farm program one of the longest continuous running Michigan radio shows with one host. Terry has been an NAFB member since 1977 and has served as Treasurer and Ex-Officio board member of the NAFB Foundation.