54 Years On The Air At WGN

Max Armstrong and Orion Samuelson

54 years and counting is the latest benchmark for Orion Samuelson, reports his longtime colleague, Max Armstrong. “As I continue with him on the Saturday Morning Show broadcast (the hour-long weekly show on WGN Radio), I have been heard on WGN every week for nearly 37 years,” Max reports. “Every few weeks, when Orion is in Arizona, I originate that entire hour from my home studio south of Raleigh, where Linda and I bought a horse farm this year.” The show that Max and Orion own and produce, This Week In AgriBusiness, has been on the air for nine years. The show is carried by RFD-TV and by 90 local television stations. Also, the show is posted each week at www.farmprogressamerica.com. Max flies back from North Carolina each week to work with Orion and their crew of Phil Reed, Angelo Lazzara, Ryan Ruh and Marilyn Kay. Their field reporters include Janell Aust originating from her farm in Kansas and Kristin Decker who reports on food and consumer concerns, such as foodie attitudes, mommy bloggers and consumer attitudes about food.
Through his personal social media reach (Facebook and Twitter) Max is connecting with more than 16,500 followers.  Max said, “It allows me to actively promote our stories, travels and other activities to the producers and consumers wired through social media.”

Max’s home studio in North Carolina

Max at this year’s Farm Progress Show