Agriculture: From One Generation to the Next

For the Hancocks, involvement in the agricultural industry is a family tradition. Tony Hancock, Missouri Department of Agriculture market news manager, and his daughter, Madison, have grown their bond over a passion for agriculture and FFA.  

“I cannot think of a single day that agriculture was not a part of my life,” Tony Hancock said.  

Growing up, Tony was deeply rooted in his family farm in Houston, Missouri, where they produced beef cattle and hay. Tony always knew that he wanted to remain a part of the diverse agricultural industry in Missouri but was not exactly sure in what niche he wanted to build a career.  

After becoming an FFA state officer, Tony started college at the University of Missouri.

“I jumped from pre-vet to agricultural education then to agricultural business and agricultural sales,” Tony said. 

Through connections he made through Missouri FFA and the University of Missouri, Tony landed a job at the Missouri Department of Agriculture in the fall of 2001.  

Now, Tony gets to witness firsthand the love his daughter has for agriculture, too. Although Madison did not grow up on a farm, she was exposed to agriculture at a young age through her dad. Madison loves to come to the office with her dad during the summer and even helps with cattle on their family farm.  

Madison and her dad made an agreement in high school, she had to take one agriculture class; and if she did not like it, she “never had to do it again.” After she took her first agriculture class, Madison was “hooked.” In the following high school years, she began going to work with her dad and learning more about the industry, competing in speaking contests, and even became the president of the New Bloomfield FFA chapter.

“Because of my dad’s job, he is able to make a difference in our community and is always willing to help out in our small town of New Bloomfield,” said Madison Hancock. “I know that I want to go to college and study agriculture so I continue to learn more.”