AIC Election Profile: Dwayne Cartmell

Dwayne Cartmell
Oklahoma State University
(405) 744-0461

Years of Experience:  24

Board Experience:  I have served as an Allied Industry Council representative on the board this past year. I have thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity and believe I have made some contributions. However, I also believe I am just gaining the knowledge necessary to be an informed and engaged board member. I would value an opportunity to serve another term as a representative for the AIC.

Bio: The Allied Industry Council is made up of professionals from a variety of backgrounds but with a common goal of making certain farm broadcasting remains vital to the agricultural industry. As a professor, I work daily to prepare the next generation of agricultural voices.

After growing up on a wheat and cattle farm in Oklahoma, I attended Oklahoma State University, earning undergraduate degrees in agricultural economics and agricultural communications. My first career opportunity was as an assistant farm director for the Oklahoma State Agribusiness Network, and I gained my broadcasting experience working under Mike Dain, a long-time farm broadcaster.

Teaching was in my bloodline, and I made career choices to give me a breadth of experiences to prepare me for the classroom. I left broadcasting to serve as the editor of a farm publication before finishing my master’s degree at OSU. I went on to earn my doctoral degree from the University of Missouri while serving in a public relations role for the university.

In July 2001, I joined the faculty at Oklahoma State University. I recently served as the national adviser for the Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow student group. I continue to serve as the group's executive treasurer. I have worked with the NAFB office and leadership team the last several years to encourage more student engagement with the organization. I represent the link between those currently in the association and those who represent the future. I would appreciate your vote to again serve as a member of the NAFB Board of Directors.