AIC Election Profile: Laura Henke

Laura Henke
(262) 707-6881

Years of Experience:  30+

Board Experience:  I have worked closely with farm broadcasters for nearly three decades and have a special appreciation for the role and many contributions of farm radio to growers and the consumers they serve. Telling the important story of the nation's food producers in a clear and meaningful way is a critical mission today. I would like to do my part to assure a strong Farm Broadcast industry in the future.

     For the past two years I have served as an Allied Industry Council representative for the NAFB Board of Directors and have genuinely enjoyed the opportunity. As a second year Board member I felt I started getting to know more about the association and the inner workings of it. I seek a third term to really provide some continuity to the Board and continue where I left off.

     As I look at it Allied by definition is - joined or united in close relationship; we are of similar nature, related. Allied Industry Council, AIC is a group of people with a responsibility, an interest, a concern for the radio industry and how it affects us, our companies, our clients and farmer/ranchers all over the country. The AIC is an integral segment of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting and I am committed to continuing to be an active part of it.

I have participated in the NAFB Convention for the past 12 years, doing so originally for Trade Talk, but then attending the AIC meetings as well. When the association changed its name to include the more all-encompassing term Broadcasting was when I really felt a part of the group. 

During my first two terms I have learned a lot and been able to contribute thoughts and insights as someone from the industry side. I would like to continue to represent you and help direct and shape the NAFB. I’d appreciate a re-election vote!