Army Recruiting in Oklahoma

AAaron Corbetaron Corbet, former NAFB Member Services staff member, has begun a new career in Army recruiting in Oklahoma. “Things are going great for us. We have almost fully settled in Bartlesville, OK, home of Phillips 66. I really have grown to enjoy recruiting for the Army.” He explained, “Many of the kids we are working with down here are struggling to secure their future. Giving them an opportunity, through the Army, to get a skill and education is really exciting. I actually have a couple that are ready to join.” Aaron was sad he missed this years NAFB convention. “Not just the experience, but the people and members. Coming to the organization in 2012, I didn't have much ag experience. I have since realized how important agriculture is to sustaining our world and that the industry is full of good, committed people. I love the Army, but will miss NAFB.”