Bachmeier is Broadcaster, Auctioneer, & Rancher

Scott Bachmeier (KFYR/KBMR, Rhame, North Dakota) grew up on a farm/ranch in south central North Dakota near the small town of Raleigh. His family operation consisted of dairy, ranching, small grains, and forage. After high-school graduation, Bachmeier continued his education in Minot and found a part-time job at KCJB-AM radio, helping with every aspect of radio he could learn.

Bachmeier moved to the Bowman, North Dakota, area where he took a job as an afternoon radio announcer at KPOK-AM radio. He also worked part-time helping area farmers and ranchers when not on-the-air or announcing local sporting events. On weekends, he went home to help his folks with the family chores. While in Bowman, he met his wife, Dixie, the daughter of one of the local ranchers in the Badlands of North Dakota. They were married in 2002, and Dixie finished her doctorate in chiropractic in 2005.

Bachmeier got an opportunity to work at KFYR-AM (Bismarck North Dakota), the legendary 550 AM that his dad would listen to for everything from weather to farm markets. Since he loves the outdoors, Bachmeier started an outdoor radio program, Dakota Prairie Outdoors, that focused on how hunting, farming, and ranching work well together. This show was picked up by other stations across North and South Dakota. Bachmeier then started a local afternoon talk show focused on issues facing the region while continuing to grow his outdoor radio show.

He had the opportunity to help his wife’s side of the family on their ranch in the Badlands. Hating to leave having built up a successful afternoon talk show, Bachmeier jumped at the chance to get back to his roots in agriculture. Since his outdoor radio show could be done from his home office, living in the Badlands, ranching, and hunting seemed to be a great fit, plus Dixie could bring her talents back to a rural area where she had grown up.

Together, the Bachmeiers raise commercial cattle with a small herd of registered Black Angus. Bachmeier balances checking cows and fences while being able to bring live hunting reports daily from the ranch. Also, he is a professional emcee for fundraisers on a regional and national level, and he obtained his auctioneer license to help with fundraisers, farm/ranch equipment sales, and property auctions. Bachmeier announces many rodeos across North and South Dakota and into Montana. While at a branding a few years back, he and one of his neighbors were talking about what a person could do to inform the more urban areas on what the farmer and rancher does to produce the best food in the world. Bachmeier told his neighbor, “Don’t pass up the chance to talk to them.”  Little did he know that he would be getting a call in 2019 to start a farm and ranch program. Thinking back to the branding day, Bachmeier took that opportunity and the Dakota Farm and Ranch Report began January 1, 2020. Now along with his hunting and outdoor show, Bachmeier lives the ranch life and can share the news and stories that impact his livelihood every single day.