Balancing Farm Broadcasting With Parenting and Exercise

“Balancing our demanding farm broadcasting jobs and schedules can be tricky when it comes to parenting and finding time for actual hobbies,” said Lorrie Boyer (KSIR, Fort Morgan, CO). In addition to running a morning show and producing ag newscasts and market reports daily, Lorrie works hard to find balance. Although early morning hours usually allow her to be home in the afternoons to see her sons, now ages 14 and 18, she does not get to see them in the morning. Even though they are older now, that was not the case when she first started radio. “They were not even born when I started in radio," she says. "It has not been easy to be a farm broadcaster running a morning show with kiddos, especially when one of them does not feel good. Balance is achieved from coming in extra early to record morning news or working late to get ahead for the next day because they might have a game or a guitar lesson, or I may need to take them to an appointment.”  In addition to parenting, Lorrie is an avid CrossFitter. She finds that CrossFit helps her to balance her commitments because it helps alleviate stress and allows her some "me-time."

​CrossFit has a lot of close ties to agriculture. It enables her not only to talk about her job to curious gym mates, but she and fellow CrossFitters are focused on eating healthy, locally grown foods and meats. "Understanding nutrients, portion control and how food is produced allows me to dispel myths about farming practices and talk about local farmers." She adds, “It allows me to explain why milk costs what it does and since several don't work directly in the ag industry, I talk about how agriculture is the backbone of the community. I answer a lot of questions about radio and farming – what better way to promote my profession and the ag industry than direct engagement." At the same time, Lorrie is balancing broadcasting, parenting and exercise, she is serving as NAFB’s 2017 Vice President.