Boyer Wins National CrossFit Team Competition

Lorrie Boyer, farm news director for KSIR Radio, and two other teammates won their division at the CrossFit Festivus Games in April 2024 in Castle Rock, Colorado.

CrossFit is a high-intensity training program that combines strength and conditioning exercises with functional movements. The workouts include squatting, pulling, pushing, and weightlifting. The movements are performed in rapid succession, with little to no rest between sets.

Boyer became involved in CrossFit eight years ago when she sought an exciting way to get fit.

“I get bored very easily, so I didn’t like going to a regular gym,” Boyer said. “I didn’t know what I was doing and wasn’t sure how to use gym equipment. I didn’t know how to get into an exercise regimen I would stick with.”

Her small town did not boast any major fitness opportunities until a local entrepreneur decided to open a CrossFit location.

“I didn’t do any research, and I didn’t know what CrossFit was when I went for the first time,” Boyer said. “I just wanted to go somewhere to connect with someone who would help me get started. One of the benefits of CrossFit is they have group classes with a coach who monitors everyone to ensure their form is correct.”

The coach also serves as an accountability partner and cheerleader to encourage participation. Boyer took the beginner classes and progressed in the organization.

“I fell in love with lifting, specifically Olympic lifting,” Boyer said. “It’s 30 to 45 minutes of an all-body workout that strengthens your internal organs and muscles. Group workouts are also scientifically proven to be more successful because you have accountability and develop relationships.”

She said her experience with CrossFit has been extremely positive.

“People don’t judge at all. You can be any size or shape and still have a place in CrossFit,” Boyer said. “It can be scaled for anyone anywhere in their exercise journey. If there’s a movement you can’t do, it can be modified to fit your abilities.”

Soon, she became a level-one CrossFit coach.

“I run classes and coach people to make sure their form is correct, and I help them find modifications,” Boyer said. “I love helping people fall in love with exercising and moving, too. I have seen so much success in myself through weight loss, muscle and strength development, and gaining more mobility.”

Boyer and her teammates competed at the Festivus Games; a competition held simultaneously at various locations. The one-day event requires teams of three to compete in four different workouts. Boyer’s team won all four movements in their division for the national contest and placed 12th in their division for the global competition.

“We worked hard for this and put in a lot of time, energy, and preparation,” Boyer said. “We just focused on our goal and leaned on the prep work we’d done beforehand. It was nice to stand on that podium.”