Broadcast Planning Starts Here!

The NAFB Planner is the newest tool for anyone researching and analyzing broadcast opportunities targeting farm and rural audiences. NAFB invested in the development of a web-based, strategic media planning resource to help kick-start the initial planning stage of any media outreach by providing a visible map of NAFB member stations and networks within a defined targeted geography.

The NAFB Planner is a simple, flexible, all-in one planning tool
that helps media planners identify NAFB stations and networks
in a defined sales geography.

A few things you can access with the Planner:

  • Data can be accessed to look up NAFB member profiles (Stations, Networks and Broadcasters)
  • 2012 Census of Agriculture Data
  • County type (A,B,C,D)
  • AMR (Ag Media Research) Radio listenership information
  • Radio Coverage Areas (middle distance)

“Our goal is to make the Planner the first step of every radio media plan,” says Tom Brand, Executive Director of NAFB. “We have heard from many of our industry partners that the Planner will assist them with pulling key points in a relatively short period of time, including USDA Data and AMR.”

Planner Tip
The NAFB Planner allows you to completely customize your geography selection. There are multiple ways to select and analyze target geographies, beyond a single state border. We know many sales territories are defined by counties, and can cross state borders. The Planner was built with your needs in mind. It’s easy to select a specific geography by county.

1. Pick a state from the drop down menu
2. Add counties with three options:
a. Click on the county names in the left hand tool bar. County names are in Alpha order.
b. Click on the county on the map, and then the county census data will display and then click on button to add county to list
c. Turn on the “Add county on click” button and click the counties on the map

And, then to add counties from another state, go back to the state drop down menu and select second state, and add additional counties. The NAFB Planner is a great resource for anyone in the industry, not just media planners. PR teams will find it useful for background information on broadcasters as they prepare to pitch stories and other summer field events.

For any additional questions on how to use the Planner, contact Mindy Oberly. Try it out today at