Buchenroth Advances from Student to Farm Broadcaster

Kolt Buchenroth (Ohio Ag Network, Columbus, Ohio) is refreshing his NAFB membership after transitioning from a student member to the Broadcast Council. He got his start in agriculture showing beef cattle in 4-H and FFA and was active at his county fair as an exhibitor. While he was in high school, Buchenroth cut his teeth in farm broadcasting at WKTN, a small, locally owned and operated station in Kenton, Ohio. In high school, he worked with Ohio Ag Net and Ohio’s Country Journal as an FFA student reporter covering Ohio’s State FFA Convention. Through that experience, he discovered his passion for farm broadcasting and agricultural communication. As a result of his experience at WKTN and Ohio Ag Net, partnered with his side-gig as the Marketing and Communication Director at the Hardin County Fair, Buchenroth won the State and National FFA Agricultural Communication Proficiencies Award in 2017. After a three-year stint, he left his hometown station to attend The Ohio State University and study agricultural communications. While there, he reconnected with the team at Ohio Ag Net and Ohio’s Country Journal and joined their broadcast team in January 2019 while continuing his studies. In addition to his broadcast and academic duties, he is a freelance photographer and videographer. Additionally, Buchenroth has a passion for advocating for his community. He serves on several committees around his hometown and county. He is an avid supporter of first responders and works with local agencies on research, planning, and developing improvement projects. He is expected to graduate with his ag communications degree from Ohio State in May 2021.