Certified Ag Dealers Offers Unique Benefits

The chief marketing officer of Certified Ag Dealers knows agriculture — and it shows.

Lyle Orwig is the half owner, chief marketing officer, chief operating officer, and PR director of Certified Ag Dealers, a company that offers creative business solutions for farmers through discounts on farm trucks and other services. Certified Ag Dealers offers AgPack, an inclusive package where 13 companies offer discounts on items farmers already need, like fertilizer and tires.

“It gives farmers the opportunity to have a return on investment when they buy a truck instead of a losing proposition,” Orwig said. “Last year, if they exercised every rebate, they could have saved more than $20,000.”

Orwig and his colleagues at Certified Ag Dealers use their knowledge and experience in the agriculture industry to benefit customers.

“Most of us are farmers or farm kids,” he said. “We take care of our customers, take care of the land, and take care of equipment.”

The company also hosts AgRally, a nationally broadcast farm show event that features top agriculture industry experts. AgRally brings farm shows to farmers across the nation, no matter where they are. The event is hosted in person at local Certified Ag Dealerships around the nation, but it will also be broadcast on RFD-TV and the Cowboy Channel for those who cannot join in person.

“Timing is always an issue because somewhere in agriculture, someone is busy in a field,” Orwig added. AgRally will be hosted March 22 during National Ag Day as a salute to agriculture.

Orwig’s role in the company is multifaceted, having a hand in daily operations, overall marketing strategies, getting news releases out to dealers across the country, and more. He said he believes giving back is aligned with sustainability.

“You got to where you are because of the experiences and benefits you received over the years,” he said. “The way you continue the sustainability for yourself, your family, your company is the ability to give back and make sure the next generation is able to do better than you were able to do.”