East Region Vice President Board Election Profile: Ryan Martin

Ryan Martin
Hoosier Ag Today
(316) 737-2533

Years Experience:  16

Board Experience:  4-H leader, YMCA athletics coach.

Bio:  I’ve been broadcasting for 23 years, am a degreed meteorologist, grew up in agriculture. I have combined all three for the past 18 years - 16 of those specifically in farm broadcasting. I hold series 3 and 30 commodity trading licenses.  I learned to read markets when hogs were $8, and learned to trade markets as corn climbed to…$8.  The day of my first ag report, we expected 135 bushel corn and 39 bushel beans. Today, it’s 170 plus, and over 50! Farm tech is bigger, faster and stronger – with pinpoint accuracy. Ag broadcasting has grown leaner, and meaner; our audience so much more diverse, with many, many more options to choose from. Our tech has allowed us to be more places, and share more information. I interact with farmers daily, one-on-one, sharing facts, opinion and information. I am totally immersed in farmer driven agriculture every day – maybe more than most - since in addition to my full schedule of broadcasts, I buy soybeans for the largest crush plant in North America. I’ve learned that our audiences don’t necessarily value the same information we think they value. I seek this position aiming to take ownership of my professional organization…proudly trumpeting the things we do well, but championing things we need to do better, with an eye toward maximizing multiple revenue streams. And, all broadcasting entities of our organization need to feel appreciated and well represented when it comes to determining the future direction of NAFB, knowing their concerns matter.