Ellis Wins Excellence in Media Award

For Illinois Agricultural Communicator Stu Ellis, being presented with the 2022 Excellence in Media Award is both an honor and fitting of his career.

Beginning as the farm broadcaster at WSOY Decatur and retiring from WCIA 3 and WCIX 49 in Springfield, Ellis has proved his commitment to Illinois media and agriculture time and time again. During agricultural extension, governmental relations, and public relations initiatives, Ellis has expanded his service to Corn Belt farmers through radio, television, newspapers, newsletters, and online offerings.

The Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) presented him with the 2022 ISA Excellence in Media Award. According to the ISA website, “The Excellence in Media Award recognizes a member of the media who promotes Illinois soybeans and Illinois agriculture through his/her coverage in print, broadcast, social, and beyond.”

“I’ve had a very enjoyable career, touching many aspects of agriculture,” Ellis said.

Ellis has nothing but praise for the ISA.

“The ISA really promotes a lot of things for the betterment of the soybean industry,” Ellis added. “They provide educational programs for farmers; they promote soybean oil as a fuel and as a healthy food. They assist farmers with agronomic education, services, advice, and counsel. They do a lot with conservation, helping farmers better themselves with more conservation information, and that helps soil health.”

“I’m very honored the ISA picked me. I had nominated somebody else, and I thought he really should have gotten the award, but I am very honored to receive this, and the Soybean Association can be guaranteed that I’m still going to work for them.”

Ellis has played his own vital role in the soybean industry over the years. As director of marketing for the American Soybean Association, he was responsible for launching soybean ink into national use by thousands of newspapers and commercial printers. The Illinois Farm Bureau hired Ellis to create an educational curriculum for farmers on marketing, financial management, and risk management; and he conducted seminars throughout Illinois and other states.

Still to this day, Ellis does daily radio segments, writes a newspaper column, and provides farm news video programs. These programs reach thousands of farmers daily with the information they need to increase profitability. Ellis also has accepted an additional farm news job with the farm department of WITY radio in Danville.

At 74 years old, Ellis may be the most senior agricultural communicator in Illinois, but that has not slowed his involvement in the industry. His reach to Illinois farmers via television, radio, newspapers, and newsletters, helping them “make more money and stay out of jail,” has truly earned him the ISA Excellence in Media Award.