Family Racehorse Farm Started Schwab's Ag Experience

Andy Schwab (Northern Ag Network, Billings, Montana) grew up in Powell, Wyoming, on a small farm that produced racehorses. He learned to ride horses, hunt, fish, and take pack trips to the backcountry at a very young age and has yet to lose the passion. Through his high school years at Powell, Schwab competed in sports and FFA, and he started his own farrow-to-finish hog business. He would add many hats to wear after graduation as he jumped right into the work force, oftentimes holding two to three jobs at once.

For nearly 10 years, his main vocation was working in the retail world for a local co-op and farm and ranch store.

During that time, he would also add job experiences from the Wyoming Game and Fish as a technician and the U.S. Forest Service as a backcountry trail crew foreman, spending three seasons with each department. He also became a bartender for a local steakhouse in Cody, Wyoming, for three summers to prevent any boredom from setting in. But probably his favorite hat he put on was that from an auction business he started on his own and continues to operate after self-teaching himself how to be an auctioneer.

“It’s the one job that has taught me how to use my voice properly and opened a lot of new doors, including the door to Northern Ag Network and sports broadcasting,” Schwab said.

In May 2019, Schwab joined the Northern Ag Network as an ag broadcaster. One of his first interviews on-air was with the governor of Wyoming, Mark Gordon, while attending a mid-year conference held by Wyoming Stock Growers Association.