Farm/Christmas Tour of Europe Planned

Monte James (Your Ag Network, Inc., Mitchell, South Dakota) is organizing a European excursion in December, and he invites NAFB members to join in on the trip.

“I asked friend of NAFB Bernhard Steiner from Custom Travel Network (CTN) to work with Your Ag Network in celebration of the end of COVID and the beginning of a new era with an ag/Christmas trip to Europe,” James said.

“I was fortunate to be one of the lucky travelers on the 2018 NAFB ag trip to China, which will go down as the most fascinating and eye-opening journey of my lifetime, and then some. Bernhard and his team of Asian tour guides masterfully escorted us via planes, buses, and bullet trains across the heart of China and on to Hong Kong. In addition to the wonderful ag-related entities we visited like a Syngenta lab and a chicken/crocodile farm where the crocs feasted on the spent laying hens and the crocs were then turned into high-dollar purses and golf bags, we also toured the breathtaking Great Wall and Forbidden City and even a panda sanctuary,” James added.

“The most impressive thing we all noted about CTN was the opulence of the accommodations and food. I was so impressed with the trip that CTN put together that I asked Steiner to host an ag trip to his native country of Austria, plus the Czech Republic and Germany.

“On the tour, we will visit the world-famous Christmas markets in Munich and Salzburg and some of Europe’s most cutting-edge agricultural wonders like Saatau Linz, one of the world’s leading seed cooperatives. We also will have a ride-and-drive at Steyr Tractors, which is world famous for its innovative production facility and products. Other stops include Schronrunn Palace in Vienna, wine cellars in the small village of Mikulov, an evening cruise on the River Vltava in Prague, and snowcapped mountains in Bavaria enroute to Innsbruck,” James said.

“This is just a small sample of the impressive itinerary that Steiner and his wife, Lana, have created with a lot of hidden surprises like beer halls and world class cuisine! Join us on this 10-day, nine-night journey to one of the most fascinating and beautiful regions on planet earth,” James said.

The tour is strictly limited to 35 guests, and the price is reflective of CTN’s desire to get people traveling safely again. It is $3,490 per person.

“Hurry. Time is running out. Itinerary and registration are available at or call CTN at 760/688-0127,” James concluded.