Feniger Hired by Curtis Media Network Group

The Curtis Media Network Group named Bruce Feniger as its vice president and general manager in March of last year, nad he has enjoyed his first year in the role.

Feniger graduated from Indiana University in 1983 with a bachelor’s degree, double majoring in radio/TV management and business management. He joined WFTQ-AM/WAAF-FM radio in Worcester, Massachusetts, as an account executive out of college. After a year, he went to WBAP-AM in Dallas, Texas, to work as the co-op director.

In 1986, Federated Department Stores hired him to be their security director. Over the next six years, he stayed with Federated Department Stores but moved to Atlanta, Georgia, then to New York City. In 1992, he moved back to Atlanta to work for Rochester Big and Tall as an assistant manager.

From 1994-2008, he worked for Interep Radio in Atlanta and New York City as the vice president, regional executive, director of training, and president of the network. Then Feniger took a position with Tri-State Network to work as their director of new business development. Shortly after he went to work for McGavren Guild Radio as the senior vice president of client services for two years.

He transitioned to Pamal Broadcasting in 2010 and worked there for 12 years as the general sales manager and general manager/market president. In 2024, he started at Curtis Media Network Group as the VP/GM in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The group is comprised of three radio networks including the North Carolina News Network, the Southern Farm Network, and the Adam Gold Sports Network.

“I am in charge of managing all of Don Curtis’s network business,” Feniger said. “That covers all affiliates, which is approximately 110 radio stations. I handle the programming and sales for the networks.”

He works with stations from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia, striving to add new affiliates and programming to the company. Feniger’s favorite part is the variety in his job.

“I think the fact that every day is different is the most exciting part of this job for me,” Feniger said. “I get to deal with so many different people and have so many different opportunities. I also love working with radio stations that cover all 100 counties. It never gets boring.”