Halvorson Adds Another Professional Title

Sabrina Halvorson (Fargo, North Dakota) is adding another title to her business card. In addition to digital director for the American Ag Network, she is now also the news director for the Dakota News Network.

Midwest Information Systems, which includes the American Ag Network, Adams on Agriculture, and The Dakota News Network, recently announced the promotion of Halvorson to the role of news director for the company’s general news network. Halvorson also retains her position as digital director for MIS and oversees the digital platforms and content for the American Ag Network as well as the Dakota News Network.

“We’re always striving to meet the needs of our affiliates and their listeners, and we’re excited about the direction the Dakota News Network has taken,” said Owner and General Manager Lance Knudson. “Sabrina is a top-tier news professional with a solid history of award-winning reporting and producing.”

The Dakota News Network covers general news, sports, and weather for station affiliates across North Dakota and South Dakota. Halvorson has anchored the Dakota News Network and served as interim news director since the Coronavirus pandemic hit the Upper Midwest in early March. In the last few months, she has brought several exclusive reports and interviews to the airwaves and covered the nation’s recent turmoil as it affects the region.

“You could say it’s been initiation by fire with everything that’s gone on since March, but we’re very proud of the news product she has continued to put on the air,” Knudson said.

Halvorson has more than 20 years of experience in hard news from her days in California and has covered everything from investigations into high profile murders, 100-car pileups on freeways, natural disasters, and even the infamous O.J. Simpson chase. Most recently, she has spent the past eight years reporting on the nation’s agriculture and is currently serving her third term as an NAFB board member.

Knudson says it was no accident that he put a strong ag broadcaster in the position.

“The Dakota News Network focuses on general news that affects the people who live in the region,” he said. “The Dakotas are ag states. Agriculture news will always be part of that ‘news that affects the people.’ Sabrina includes local ag updates in her morning newscasts and can do so with the strength and confidence of someone who really understands what she’s reporting on.”

Halvorson says she is thrilled with the additional responsibilities.

“I truly feel like I’m in the right spot. I get to keep my hands in the digital world of the ag network, which I absolutely love. I also get to delve into the other issues around the Dakotas and focus on providing all the information that people need,” she said. “Most of all, I get to be a radio newsperson. That is what I’m best at.”