Halvorson Moves to KFGO

After 23 years at the American Ag Network, Rusty Halvorson decided it was time for a change.

“I took a leap of faith,” he said. “I was at a point in my career where I knew it was time for growth and better things, so I jumped.”

Halvorson’s wife, Sabrina, took the leap with him. Within hours of the pair issuing their resignations, the job offers were coming in.

“I’ve never felt so blessed,” Halvorson said. “We’ve had so many people reaching out with work or with support and well wishes. I’m truly honored and humbled by the support we’ve been given.”

It didn’t take long for Halvorson to know his next step. He has long wanted to work at KFGO radio in Fargo, North Dakota, but his loyalty to the ag network built by his mentor Lyle Romine kept him from making the move. It was with the support and encouragement of Romine’s widow, Terrie, that Halvorson took the step up.

“I’m realizing that the way I can honor Lyle is by carrying on his legacy in my standards of farm broadcasting and in being part of the community,” Halvorson said. “Sabrina had an idea that we’re working on now. We’re creating the Lyle Romine Scholarship for Future Farm Broadcasters. We plan to distribute it through North Dakota State University, and it will include a student membership to the NAFB, along with as much financial support as we can raise.”

As for his new position at KFGO, Halvorson said he feels right at home.

“They’re good people and solid professionals,” he said.

Farm Director Sarah Heinrich is currently on maternity leave, but Halvorson looks forward to working with her when she returns.

“Sarah has a lot of respect in the community, and she deserves it. She is a top-notch farm broadcaster and farm director. It is genuinely exciting for me to be on her team,” Halvorson added.

As for Sabrina’s career move, she’s mostly keeping quiet about it.

“I’m pouring a lot into my freelancing. I’m extremely excited about doing some writing for Agri-Pulse. I’ve wanted to write for them for years. They are absolutely the top when it comes to ag policy reporting,” she said.

She has another career announcement brewing but said the time isn’t right just yet.

“This is Rusty’s moment. I want him to live in it fully,” she said.

Halvorson credits his wife with helping to make his moment happen.

“When you have the right partner by your side, who believes in you and helps you see your worth, and who will support you through anything, that gives you the strength to make all of your dreams possible,” he concluded.