Heavy Rain And Snow Damaging California Crops

Patrick Cavanaugh (California Ag Today, Clovis, CA) reports massive atmospheric rivers, one after another over the last few months, have been racking up rain totals throughout the state. “The San Joaquin 5-Station Precipitation Index surpassed the Top 12 Wettest Season rankings in the state’s climate history by 0.02 of an inch. Furthermore, snow accumulation is 170 percent of normal (as of February 24).”  Describing how growers are affected, Patrick said, “While farmers are buoyed by the moisture, some have seen crop damage, including flooded and destroyed wheat fields in northern California and hundreds of mature almond trees in the San Joaquin Valley overturned from heavy winds and saturated soils. These trees will have to be replanted with nursery stock.”  Patrick added, “A pistachio grower who farms 900 acres southwest of Fresno reported he is worried his trees will not survive the three feet of standing water in his orchard. The San Luis Reservoir, which supplies water to farmers and cities in Central California, is 96 percent full – a level that has not been achieved in the last six years.”