Hoffmann Travels to Brazil, Learns More About Agriculture

Dustin Hoffmann, supervising editor and farm broadcaster for Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network, recently traveled to Brazil for 12 days to learn about the country’s agriculture industry.

“We got to see a coffee plantation, dairy operation, beef cattle, and corn and soybean production,” Hoffmann said. “We observed how agriculture is very similar, yet very different, to what we see in the United States.”

Hoffmann added his favorite part was getting to tour the dairy operation.

“When you think of the global dairy market, you don’t really think of Brazil,” Hoffmann said. “You usually think of the U.S., Canada, and the European countries, but Brazil has accomplished a lot in a short time period.”

There were several farmers on the trip from Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, and Canada. International trips offer a unique opportunity for farmers and agricultural professionals.

“Sometimes, we get very one-sided because we’re trying to promote the interests of the U.S.,” Hoffmann said. “When you actually go to other countries and see what they’re doing and the similarities between our farms and their farms, you see that we’re not that different after all.”

Hoffmann was impressed with the tenacity of Brazilian farmers.

“Just like farmers in the U.S., they just want to raise a good crop or the best animals they can,” Hoffmann said. “Brazil came from nothing, and now they have all this infrastructure to support the agriculture industry. They just want to improve their farming and help feed the world.”

He plans to keep traveling in the future.

“I would love to go out and learn more about ag around the globe,” Hoffmann concluded. “I plan to go to eastern European countries next to learn about the dairy, hog, and grain production there.”