Internship Led To Farm Broadcasting Job

Jesse Stewart (KGLO AM-1300, Mason City, IA) was hired as a farm broadcaster in May 2013. He earned a BA in Multimedia Journalism from Simpson College in Indianola, IA. “I actually kind of fell into farm broadcasting by accident. I had never considered it as a career in the industry until having some conversations with some of the staff I knew in Mason City. I had interned with the station the summer before my senior year and got to know the whole staff. When my predecessor left, he along with some others reached out knowing that I would be looking for a job in radio. They thought I would be a great fit. Now, almost two and a half years later I am still doing it. I think they were right!” He added, “Getting up every day and reporting on the world of agriculture is very enjoyable for me. I wear many hats in the building, including Program Director for our top 40 country station now, but I will never let my passion or drive subside for being a farm broadcaster. The service I am providing to our producers in the area is extremely important and appreciated. I hear it from them anytime I am out in the field.”

Jesse reports that the past few weeks have been busy. “We have been out doing our Feed the Farmer program and fall harvest reports during harvest. One of my last Feed the Farmer stops was especially rewarding as I helped an elderly producer box up some meals for him and the others working on his operation. I carried them out for him to his tractor and handed them up to him as he settled back in the cab. The appreciation he showed for that gesture was very heart-warming to me.” Jesse adds, “I continue to grow and learn everyday as a farm broadcaster.” Jesse looks forward to his future as a farm broadcaster and aims to continue bringing key information to his KGLO listeners in years to come.