Interview Training for Future Agriculture Spokespersons

Sam Knipp (Oklahoma Farm Bureau, Oklahoma City, OK) conducts a "training" interview with a student in the Oklahoma State University capstone class, "Animal Ag Advocacy and Policy." This marks the fifth year that Sam has worked alongside Dr. Jerry Fitch to teach students to be advocates for animal agriculture. The course is taught in the Animal Science Department each semester. “We have approximately 90 students taking the class this semester. I focus on media training and interviewing techniques,” Sam said. “Part of the students' work involves producing ag advocacy videos. Many of these students do not come from a farm background. We are finding more of them come to OSU from urban centers to study veterinary medicine and this class helps prepare them to discuss their future careers. It is vitally important that we give these students the tools they need to tell the ag story and be an advocate for the industry.”