June Presidents Update

Happy June Dairy Month! Here in Wisconsin many dairy farms are showcasing their operations through breakfast on the farm events. So grab a bowl of your favorite ice cream, sit back and enjoy this month's eChats!

Neal Gladner, Management Sales Council Representative, with Louisiana Farm Bureau Agri-News Radio Network has resigned from the NAFB Board of Directors. He accepted a position with a new network. Tim Marshall with KRVN Rural Radio Network was approved by the board to fill the seat vacated by Neal. We thank Neal for his service to NAFB and welcome Tim to the NAFB Board!

The 2016 Summer Board Meeting and Agribusiness Luncheon, will be held in Milwaukee, WI, July 20-22. This year’s Agribusiness Luncheon will feature a panel discussing food labeling. NAFB has extended invitations to agribusiness companies in and around the Milwaukee area, and we are collaborating with the Badger NAMA Chapter as part of their July meeting. Visit the NAFB site for more information and register for the luncheon.

Planning for the 73rd NAFB Convention, November 9-11, is underway. This year the theme is Waves of Opportunity, the agenda is packed with great topics to help build opportunities for your professional career. If you fly to Kansas City on Southwest, you may want to check for flights as they are having some great sales on airfares right now.

I'm pleased to report NAFB continues to maintain financial stability and growth. The News Service continues to see growth; we are also seeing growth in membership. These factors will allow your organization to continue to offer programs like the room subsidy at Washington Watch, training for sales and broadcast council members and research promotion.

Speaking of training, next month our video with Matt Middendorp will be the first of a two-part series on selling sponsorships, and programs to events. Last month, some West Region Members asked about that topic, so Matt and I will share some ideas and how to implement those ideas. 

Until next month, drink plenty of milk, eat plenty of cheese curds and don't forget the ice cream!

Brian Winnekins
2016 NAFB President
WRDN Radio, Durand, WI