Ketelsen Inducted Into Minnesota Broadcasters Hall of Fame

Lynn Ketelsen, Linder Farm Network, was inducted into the Minnesota Broadcasters Hall of Fame in September 2022, recognizing his dedication to broadcasting and his impact within farm broadcasting.

“I was honored to open the door and have our industry recognized,” Ketelsen said. Ketelsen is the owner-operator of Linder Farm Network, which began 45 years ago. Today, it includes  more than 30 stations and is the most-listened-to farm broadcast in the state of Minnesota.

“People who are inducted have made a significant impact in the broadcast industry, and Lynn’s niche is extremely unique and influential,” said Gwendolen Nystrom, executive director of the Pavek Museum, home of the Minnesota Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

Linder Farm Network has a particular approach to broadcasting, balancing on-air radio personality with business. Ketelsen grew up on his family farm in eastern Iowa and worked for newspapers and radio through college. Ketelsen knew he wanted to be innovative, and audiences have loved it.

Reflecting on Ketelsen’s tremendous impact, “the Minnesota Broadcasters Hall of Fame has been for the best of the best in the broadcasting world since its start in 2001,” Nystrom said.

“We put the business of farming in farm broadcasting. I’m not afraid to speak out on issues when I don’t think agriculture is being treated fairly,” Ketelsen affirmed.

Ketelsen looks forward to continuing his career in broadcasting because he simply enjoys what he does. He says as long as he is still having fun bringing information to farmers, he won’t stop.

“Farm radio is still the number-one source of information for farmers, and I don’t see that changing,” Ketelsen said.