Ketelsen Joins Broadcasting Giants in Minnesota

Lynn Ketelsen, owner of Linder Farm Network in Minnesota, will be inducted into the Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame later this year.

Ketelsen has been in the broadcasting business for 45 years and has been called the “Voice of Minnesota Agriculture” for his efforts in the greater farm-broadcasting community of Minnesota.

“Some of the best broadcasters in the country are in that Hall of Fame,” Ketelsen said. “Being recognized for what I’ve done over the years is wonderful. I’m honored to join it with a great group of people in the industry.”

The Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame normally has inducted broadcasters in the local mainstream media, so Ketelsen will be one of the first farm broadcasters noted with this high distinction.

“Typically, they have not looked at farm broadcasters,” Ketelsen added. “They’ve looked at TV people, personalities, anchors, and radio people in the Twin Cities, so it’s nice to be recognized in that way.”

Ketelsen thinks Linder Farm Network changed the face of farm broadcasting in Minnesota, which has thousands of listeners throughout the state.

“When I started, I literally went to an event every night of the week because no one had heard of our farm network,” Ketelsen said. “We started at zero, and now we’re well over at 70% of the farmers in the southern part of Minnesota who listen to our network.”

Ketelsen encourages young, aspiring broadcasters to follow their passion.

“If you’re passionate about something, you work hard and you get good at it,” Ketelsen concluded. “And by working hard, good things, lucky things, happen to you.”