Kim Bremmer Speaks Up for Agriculture

Kim Bremmer (Allied Industry Member, Loyal, WI) is owner of Ag Inspirations, LLC. She grew up on a dairy farm in north central Wisconsin, but never dreamed she would ever be involved in agriculture. “I loved the medical field and always wanted to be a doctor. Heading back to the farm or studying agriculture was never a thought.” But a year into college at University of Wisconsin-Madison, it was clear how much she missed the cows and began work on the campus farm and in the ruminant nutrition lab. “I have always loved science, so working in the lab and studying animal nutrition and biochemistry seemed an instant fit.” Kim graduated with a degree in dairy science and a degree in agricultural journalism and then worked as a livestock nutrition consultant for 15 years in central Wisconsin. “The best part was getting to work with farmers every day and being challenged to problem solve and help increase their profitability. I am blessed to live in a county that has twice as many dairy cows as people. It’s beautiful!”  But after volunteering for Common Ground (, she realized how disconnected everyday consumers are from the farmers who grow and raise our food.  She wanted to do more to help amplify the real story of agriculture and dispel myths about farming and Ag Inspirations, LLC was born. Kim’s mission is to inspire farmers to tell their story, connect people to where their food comes from and represent the great success of American agriculture. She specializes in communication and connecting with consumers. Today, as an Academy Member of the National Speakers Association, Kim can be found traveling the country speaking to licensed health care professionals, students, bloggers, professors, legislators, agriculturists and farmers about the real story of agriculture. “American Agriculture has an amazing story to tell about improvements in how we care for animals and land and how we conserve resources like never before. Our success is built on science, technology and innovation. We need to do all we can to help protect the reputation of our farmers and their use of technology in growing and raising food. We all have a role and responsibility to speak up for agriculture in a time of mass fear-marketing surrounding our food.” Kim is passionate about spreading the message that there is no one way, one-size-fits-all way to farm, and how the true story of sustainability is much bigger than anything that can be put on a trendy food label or in a flashy marketing campaign. “Sustainability in agriculture is so much bigger and complex than that.” You will find Kim engaged in discussions everywhere she goes from the grocery store to the airport where she is likely carrying cheese in her purse to share with people she meets along the way.