Kulba is Ag News Producer, Geneologist

Besides being an ag news producer, Marjorie Kulba (Farm Journal Broadcasting, South Bend, Indiana) shared she is a wife, a mom, and an amateur genealogist. She graduated from Grand Valley State University. Originally, she went to college to become a music-video editor because she was inspired by MTV. Her parents weren't keen on that, but they assumed she would end up doing something in film and video. Kulba’s first job in broadcasting was working for the local PBS station in master control, where she assisted with productions and rolled videotapes on the air for shows such as Lambchop's Playalong and Barney. She went on to a job at the local CBS affiliate in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where she was the main editor. “One day a newscast producer/writer didn’t show up, so I asked to give it a try and they let me. The person who didn't show up never came back, and I moved into her job. Eventually, I was producing an hour-long morning newscast.” 

From there, Kulba moved to Rochester, New York, to work at another CBS affiliate. “By then, I had married my husband, John, who was a local radio newsman in Kalamazoo, so the news has always been a part of our lives. In Rochester, I produced several newscasts, eventually becoming the executive producer before moving again to Albany, New York, to work for the ABC affiliate. My last week there was during 9/11. Producing newscasts that week is something I will never forget as Albany was only a few hours away from New York City, and many people in the Albany area lost loved ones in the attack,” she said. Kulba moved back to the Midwest to be closer to loved ones and to start her own family. She worked for several years at the NBC affiliate in South Bend. “That's when I was first exposed to AgDay TV. The show was, and still is, produced out of the same building as the NBC affiliate. I got to know many of the people who work for AgDay yet today. After the NBC station, I worked for 12 years at the CBS affiliate in South Bend before deciding it was time to get out of the local news business.”  During this time, she had two kids, Curtis, now14, and Cathlyn, now 10.