Management Sales Council Board Election Profile: Amy Biehl-Owens

Amy Biehl-Owens
Nebraska Rural Radio Association/KRVN
(308) 324-2391

Years of Experience:  23

Board Experience: 

  • Lexington Community Foundation - board member for 20 years; served as president of the board as well as grants committee chair
  • YMCA of the Prairie Board - served as president; board member 10 years
  • Orthman Community YMCA Board - 14 years
  • Lexington Chamber of Commerce board of directors
  • Dawson County 4-H Council president
  • Lexington Library capital campaign chair
  • Lexington YMCA Founders Campaign and capital campaign chair
  • First Presbyterian Church finance committee
  • Lexington Cares Senior Living board of directors

Bio:  My husband Toby and I live on the Platte River outside of Lexington, Nebraska, with our two children. I was raised on the family farm and grew up showing horses, moving hay bales and feeding cattle. It is important to me I stay connected to agriculture, and the producer-owned Rural Radio Association and KRVN have given me the chance to build a successful team, help drive revenue, and serve our listeners with integrity. I have worked as a sales representative, sales manager, national sales manager, director of sales, and now station manager; and I have gained the experience necessary to contribute effectively to this board. In addition to my work experience, I have served on several community and regional boards and volunteered extensively in our community and beyond. I believe this is an exciting and challenging time for the broadcast industry, and we have a unique opportunity to explore new ways to reach our audience and be at the forefront of innovation while staying committed to the values that have shaped this organization.