Market Analyst and Broadcaster

Clint Ridley of rural St. Onge, SD, is a commodity market analyst for KBHB (Sturgis, SD). Clint started his radio broadcast journey in 2012, following the departure of NAFB member Chase Adams from the radio chair. For Clint, reporting on the commodity markets isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life. “I run a cattle brokerage business, so understanding the markets, what makes them move, and relaying them to the public came natural to me,” said Clint. He sources feeder cattle to customers from the Dakotas to Texas, along with being a fifth generation rancher on his family ranch. He believes that being diversified in agriculture is important. At the station, he does daily radio shows at the market open and close, talking about live cattle, feeder cattle, and corn. Working in broadcasting has been a great opportunity for Clint to grow his skillset while providing valuable information to a broad audience across the Dakotas, Wyoming and Montana. Clint’s journey hasn’t been without setbacks. In early 2015, Clint was diagnosed with a brain tumor and spent several weeks in Rochester, MN, for surgery and recovery. Upon arrival home, he spent several more months in recovery, taking chemo treatments and doing rehab. “My right side of my body was paralyzed, and my speech was pretty severely affected by the surgery, but my life was saved. I wasn’t sure if radio was going to fit back in my cards.” After taking almost two years off to recover, his speech returned to the point where he felt he could once again share his talent. “The team at the station was great at filling in for me.” In January 2017, he made his debut back on KBHB, starting off slowly but working back to fulltime. In the face of adversity, Clint has managed to keep a bright outlook and expand his family by marrying Lexi in August 2015. In March 2017, they welcomed their first child Cooper. Clint looks forward to a bright future in broadcasting and in life.