Media is a Family Career

“I’ve been in radio since 2000, but media has been in my family for three generations,” said Eric Fleming (KGLO, Mason City, Iowa). 

“My grandpa Pat was a radio broadcaster for years in Dubuque, Iowa. My father, Tim, has been in radio for 40-plus years.  

“I have some big shoes to fill in following in their footsteps, but I’m doing my best as a radio personality on various music stations here in North Iowa. Over the years, I have broadcast on different formats and have a strong digital background. I love the graphic design and computer side, as well. Technology and all the changes I’ve seen in my career are offering new options to provide music and Information to listeners. I’m still doing shows on the music stations (KLSS, KYTC) along with my new role as farm director for AM 1300 KGLO. It has been a great learning experience as I continue to grow in this industry and to meet many great individuals in the farm world.

“I did not grow up around agriculture; but, living in North Iowa, it was not far away or was always around me. Friends and family members I knew were farmers, and I would go hang out at their horse farms, growing up as a kid. I had limited experience with agriculture. I went to school for graphic design; and, on the broadcast side, I was just following in the family footsteps. My older sister Amy is a news anchor for the local TV station.”