Member Featured in a Women in Ag Series

Sarah HeinrichSarah Heinrich is featured in a Women in Ag series written by the Pinke Post, and posted November 2. Katie Pinke (Wishek, ND) writes the blog. With her permission, we share excerpts of that feature. “The women of agriculture from 125 years ago in North Dakota instilled a work ethic and passion for family, food and the land that still exists and lives through many active women in agriculture today in North Dakota. One of those women is Sarah (Gustin) Heinrich. I have seen her in action and hope many young North Dakotans are watching and emulating her.”  
Katie’s blog continues…“If you are local, you see and hear Sarah on the news, as a farm director and noon show host on KXMB in Bismarck, ND. Sarah takes on the issues and highlights the importance of farms and ranches to our economy. What Sarah is doing is vitally important I believe. If we don’t have advocates in our mainstream media, agriculture gets lost in the noise.”
About her job as a farm broadcaster, Sarah says…“It’s a job that I love to do every day. I get to go out and tell the stories of farmers and inform the public about the challenges and struggles our industry is facing and share the exciting news when times are good.” (Editor’s Note: Sarah’s story is a good example of “airing on the side of agriculture.”)