In Memorial

Veteran Illinois Broadcaster, Hayward Talley passes away. Talley who with a partner put WSMI (Litchfield, IL) on the air in 1950, has died at age 91. His son Brian is running the show now, but Mr. Talley was active in the station’s management and operation until late 2013. He began his working career at WOKZ in Alton. Two years later, he founded WSMI Radio Station in Litchfield and on November 2, 1950, WSMI made its inaugural broadcast. He hired farm broadcaster Rita Frazer in 1990 where she served 22 years. Hayward was a member of Illinois Broadcasters and The National Association of Broadcasters. Also, he was former owner of KSMN and KLSS in Mason City, IA, and KBKB in Ft. Madison, IA. In 2002, he received the Vincent T. Wasilewski Illinois Broadcaster of the Year Award. About him, it is said: “A true radio broadcaster, he was the model for “small town radio” in these parts.”