Midwest Farm Report Team Working Remotely

The Midwest Farm Report team (Madison, Wisconsin) is working remotely these days, reports Pam Jahnke. Photos below help tell the team’s story.

“If you questioned whether you have enough Internet power at home, you’re making conclusions pretty quickly if you’re like the Midwest Farm Report crew across Wisconsin. While I make brief appearances in the radio studio for live shows, some interviews, and TV updates, but for the most part, everyone is working remotely,” Jahnke said. “I think many farm broadcasters have been better prepared than others when it comes to working remotely because so many cover events like national conventions that force us to work in unconventional settings. However, if your significant other, kids, and pets are all factored in on this equation, here comes the fun. I’m fortunate that I don’t have the stress of handling my job plus kids, but I do have a spouse who’s working at home. That has led to interesting conversations revolving around what Internet channel you are using today. Redialing people multiple times via VOIP to try and catch just the right bandwidth for a recordable conversation, and then their dog starts barking. When do you have conference calls scheduled because I have an interview? Don’t do laundry now because it happens to be next to the room I’m using as a studio. Interesting conversations I’ve never fathomed having.

“Then again, I never fathomed having to tell the stories we are doing today either. Wisconsin has been rife with dairies dumping milk for weeks now. That is a difficult story to deliver. Pork-producer friends who have been so resilient for so long are telling me this may be it for them with a quiver in their voice when saying it. I think it is even more difficult for farm broadcasters to deliver this news because we’re so engaged and involved with our audiences on a personal level. I look back now on all the conventions, fairs, banquets, and events that we enjoyed with our audience, and now I wonder if we’ll ever get that back,” she added.

“Still, there is something uplifting about all of this, too. The communities are supporting farmers by buying and donating milk and food goods. Signs popping up along roadways show love and appreciation for farmers. Comments are popping up on social media supporting farmers and farm broadcasters and the jobs we do. I don’t know that I’ll work from home as frequently as I have recently, but it’s nice to know I found solutions and can do it,” Jahnke concluded.

First photo: Pam Jahnke, also known to her listeners as the “Fabulous Farm Babe,” is shown in her home studio/office.

Second photo: Josh Scramlin uses his couch as an office and broadcast studio.

Third photo: Kaitlyn Riley is a kitchen-table broadcaster.

Final photo: Featured is a Midwest Farm Report Zoom staff meeting and recording session.